Athletic Apparel and it's ridiculous costs

Fashion Prices

Nowadays it seems quality apparel and fashion comes at ridiculous prices. A simple logo can make a product's price increase up to 90%! Just take a look at retailers like Nike, Under Armour, etc.. 

Take a simple black pair of leggings; could be priced at $19.99 right? Now add a Nike logo to it, and suddenly the price is $49.99 and you have the same product! 

When we started TopRank we saw this as a huge defect in the apparel business and decided we'd make a difference. You pay for the leggings and not the brand. And for that reason we are able to offer designer Leggings of high quality for up to 75% Below Retail! 

You shouldn't have to pay for a logo, you should be paying for the comfort, the quality and the style! The foundation of our business is to provide high quality apparel for athletes at only half the cost of big name brands. We urge you to see for yourself why so many have already started trying our leggings over overpriced name-brand leggings. 


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